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Funeral Insurance Quotes with Top Providers
Reason # 1


First of all, you don't have anything dedicated to the protection of your family . No final expense plan. As a result, you are are worried about leaving a large funeral bill behind.

Need More $

You have something already in place but you need more. Perhaps your coverage is about to expire or the wrong type of life insurance coverage

#3 reason why people choose life insurance


Finally, the 3rd reason is because you want to leave something behind. A legacy. Money for the grand kids, maybe your church or favorite charity.

Because you don’t have a funeral insurance plan, it’s great that you are finally considering something. Your family and loved ones will certainly appreciate it. The first step is to complete the funeral insurance quotes request with enough information so that we can recommend a course of action. We are independent agents that work with the top insurers across the country so that we can make impartial recommendations. Above all, it is always your choice as to which burial insurance plan you want for your family’s protection.

Congratulations. You already see the need for life insurance and as a result  have taken steps to insure that your loved ones future is taken care of. 

You discovered that your term policy is expiring, consequently you will have zero insurance soon. 

Your rate is rising as you enter a new age band, consequently  your insurance rate is skyrocketing.

You have learned that the life insurance policy you had is not enough to take care of your burial and final expenses therefore it is time to add to the insurance.

Next Step

We can easily review the policies you have and make recommendations. It is a simple process to add to the amounts that you currently have. Many companies offer smaller coverage. Most with no medical exam required.




A legacy is an amount of money left behind in your will. How about leaving money for the kids and grand kids college education ? 

You may have been putting money in the collection plate each week. 

Maybe you may have been sending money each month to your favorite charity. 

A lasting gift of a cash legacy will go a long way to insuring that the programs you have loved and supported can endure.

What Is Funeral Life Insurance ?

What is FUNERAL life insurance all about ?

Funeral life insurance is purchased for the sole reason of protecting the family from financial losses and hardships. Burial insurance and funeral insurance are the same thing, therefore they both are set up to cover the funeral costs.

If someone passes away unexpectedly it could be disastrous.

There is no money set aside for the dedicated purpose of paying for the funeral and burial expenses. It is unfortunate that it takes a tragic event like this to put things in perspective. The funeral and burial expenses can put a huge financial burden on the family. For these reasons it makes sense to do the research and talk to your family about your plans.

The funeral  life insurance policy is a very simple product that has very important properties. Above all, it is not a complicated insurance product..  In all likelihood, you can be insured within 24 hours of receiving funeral insurance quotes through Choice Senior Life.

It is your choice for their future ! It would be my privilege to provide this valuable service to you. Take a few minutes to fill out the Funeral Insurance Quotes Form and start the process of receiving your personalized funeral insurance quotes today.
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what are The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance ?

  • The Rates Always Stay The Same 
    Rates will never increase during your lifetime for any reason. The rate you pay when the policy is issued is set in for life.
  • Your Policy Builds Cash Value
    This whole life insurance policy builds cash value for the future. You can borrow from the cash value.
  • Coverage Will Never Be Reduced
    Your burial insurance coverage will never be reduced for any reason. The life insurance protection will always remain the same.
  • Benefits Can Not Be Canceled Or Reduced
    After approval, your family’s life insurance protection will never be canceled or reduced as long as premiums are paid on time.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the policy within 30 days. The insurance company will fully refund your money. This is a free look period as required by most state law.
  • The Money Is Paid Tax Free to The Beneficiary 

Purchasing life insurance may seem difficult, but it’s easy and simple. Call us today or fill out the online funeral insurance quotes form.  See how we can be of total service to you and your family.

Sample FUNERAL INSURANCE QUOTES – For Seniors Ages 50 to 85

Funeral Insurance Quotes Ages 50 to 85

No Medical Exam Required.
Easily Apply Online.
**Rates shown are for good health conditions. Rates may be higher for certain health issues.

Ready To get Funeral Insurance QuoteS ? There are A Few Things You Should KNow.

There are a few thing to know when applying for a senior life and burial insurance policy. 

You will be classified according to your health. 

Your current health is the most important factor and your past health conditions are evaluated. Most health conditions that have occurred over a year ago are not looked at too closely and the medical conditions that happened over 5 years ago are largely ignored.


You can take this quick assessment of your health to determine the category that best represents your health. All life insurance companies look at each person a little differently. It is our service to you to find the right company and the right program for you. The company that offers the lowest funeral insurance quotes for you based on your current health and medical  condition. Remember this is a no exam quote.. This is where our expertise shines. Helping you get evaluated correctly so you can get the best provider at the lowest rate possible.

The Results of the Health Questionnaire

There is usually some room for interpretation of the answers. It is best to talk with an insurance agent at Choice Senior Life to explore the situation. A closer look may be all that is needed to qualify you for a better insurance rate. Some life insurance companies ask differently phrased questions and have different guide lines for each medical condition

A Level health rating for final expense insurance

Level Excellent health

With simplified issue funeral insurance policies no medical exam is required.

Graded Decent Health

Graded policies are quite typical for seniors acquiring funeral insurance.

Guaranteed Issue

No questions asked.

The underwriter will access your medical history and ask a series of health questions. Generally speaking, if you are in reasonable good health then you should have no problem qualifying for a preferred or level benefit.

A graded policy is actually quite typical for seniors. Many seniors have had some health issues and while their health is good, maybe some medications are necessary to maintain that good health. No medical exams are required. Graded policies cost a little more than level policies and some still have great benefits like day 1 coverage.

Clients that need Guaranteed Issue Life insurance may have suffered a stroke or are on oxygen. The death benefit is limited for the first 2 years to premiums plus interest earned. After the 2 year period the benefit is fully payable to the beneficiary just like any other policy. It has all the benefits of whole life insurance.

What Are the Health Conditions That Might Grade You

One thing about seniors is that they have been around for a long time. The health industry is making advances everyday that help us live great and fulfilling lives. Eating right and getting exercise goes a long way in helping our bodies cope with advancing years.

Some seniors have not been so graced. From childhood conditions that persist like Diabetes or the onset of an unexpected arrhythmia, either one can get you graded for funeral insurance.

Help from Choice Senior Life

Because we are experts in the funeral insurance industry, we know what companies offer the best rates to seniors with preexisting and existing medical conditions. Choice Senior Life knows which companies offer the best rates to seniors with past medical conditions that are under maintenance or occurred a while back. 

Choice Senior Life takes a look at some of the more common medical conditions that might get you graded.

Can I get Funeral Insurance If I Have A Medical Condition

Can I Get Funeral Insurance if I Need Assistance With The Activities Of Daily Living

The activities of daily living include feeding yourself, dressing yourself, bathing yourself, and walking without help.

In addition you should be able to take medications by yourself and above all be able to go to the restroom without someone’s help.

There are several providers that will issue a funeral insurance policy even if you have trouble with some of your activities of daily living.

First Things First

The best thing to do is discuss it with the experts at Choice Senior Life. You can start by completing the funeral insurance quotes form located on this page.

We have been able to help many seniors find affordable life insurance.

They found that it is possible to get immediate coverage even if they had trouble with their daily living needs. 


Can I Get Funeral Insurance if I have Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Lou Gehrig’s disease is a devastating disease. While the disease is crippling, this does not disqualify you  from getting a funeral insurance policy. However it does mean that you will be looking at an express issue policy with no medical exam and no medical questions asked. As a result it is more than likely you will have a 2 year waiting period with benefits during the first 2 years being ROP ( return of premium plus interest ). After that 2 year wait, the full benefit would be paid to the beneficiary upon the decease of the policy holder.


For more information about ALS

Can I get Funeral Insurance If I Am An Alcoholic

Seems like every funeral insurance company inquires about Alcoholism. This question asks if you have been told by a physician to eliminate or reduce you alcohol consumption. Consequently, you will be graded if you answer yes to that question. Because this information can come out in court records as well as medical records it is always best to answer the questions honestly. 

Choice Senior Life has several funeral insurance companies that will provide funeral insurance quotes even if you suffer from alcoholism.


For more information about this disease or to get help:

Can I Get Funeral Insurance with Alzheimer’s


The greatest risk of Alzheimer’s is aging, however it is not a normal part of aging. Because it is a progressive disease, funeral insurance with Alzheimer’s plans are limited to Guaranteed Issue. As a result of the Alzheimer’s diagnosis,  a guaranteed issue policy is going to be offered.  It may just come down to best price and above all, ease of issue.


Formed in 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

Can I Get Funeral Insurance if I Have had An Amputation

First of all, an amputation due to an accident is usually never a problem. An amputation because of disease could be an out and out decline if in the past 24 months. Seems like it would be hard to get placed in a low cost funeral insurance plan. For the reason that Choice Senior Life represents the top providers in the country, we have a solution. 

More noteworthy, this company is also generally favorable to Diabetics. Call or email for more details  on how we can help secure your funeral expense policy.

Some of the companies that decline to offer any coverage if you ever had an amputation due to disease:

  • Royal Neighbors
  • TransAmerica
  • Christian Fidelity
  • Oxford

Choice Senior Life provides free funeral insurance quotes. Use the quoter located on the website to start the process. 

Can I get Funeral Insurance if I had an Aneurysm

First of all, if you have a current diagnosed aneurysm that has been diagnosed ,but untreated, almost all companies will decline.

Choice Senior Life knows the right questions to ask and the right companies that will offer level funeral insurance if you have no complication from your aneurysm

If the condition is older than 24 months, then a few companies may offer a preferred policy. So the answer is yes you can get a funeral insurance policy if you had an aneurysm. It just needs to be resolved in one way or another.

You can have a Nitroglycerin  prescription to be on the safe side, just so long as you haven’t taken any. Many of our clients carry a Nitro prescription for the reason that they like to be safer than sorry.

If you have any circulatory disorder, we may have to delve a little deeper in order to find the right program for you.


Can I Get Funeral Insurance If I Have Angina

When you are having chest pains around the heart this may be angina. Depending on the severity it is a condition that is treatable by life style changes, medication, surgery or angioplasty.

If your symptoms have dissipated and have not had any treatments in the last 24 months, then you may qualify for a level funeral insurance rate. 

If you have been diagnosed with angina, we have providers that will offer you an affordable whole life policy.

Let us ask the full battery of health questions to better understand your angina. We can provide funeral insurance quotes based on that discovery.

Breast Cancer Pink RibbonCan I get Funeral Insurance If I Have Cancer


We know that a cancer diagnose is scary. With more than 70 different types of cancer , knowing what to expect can help you cope. If you are looking for funeral insurance quotes and have had cancer or are being treated currently for cancer then Choice Senior  Life can help you understand the options available to you. 

There is no sure way to prevent cancer. Early detection is one of the more important ways to reduce your risk. Changes in your lifestyle that changes risk factors ( like smoking ) can also have an major impact.

For those of you whom are survivors, completing treatment raises many more questions. 

The thing to understand about funeral insurance and current cancer is that you will only be eligible for a ” No Questions Asked ” policy.  This mean that you will wait 2 years before a full benefit would be paid to the beneficiary.

However, if your cancer has been in the past, over 2 years ago, several companies will offer you coverage from day 1. We can help you sort this out because we know the right questions to ask and the right companies to propose.

To Learn More : American Cancer Society

Can I Get Funeral Insurance If I Have CHF

Over 200,000 cases of heart failure are reported each year and the senior population dominates those figures. CHF requires a medical diagnosis because the symptoms are common.

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen Legs
  • Cough
  • Chest Pain
  • Weight Gain
  • Water Retention

You should see your cardiologist if these symptoms present. 

Funeral Insurance Quotes will be offered as a Guaranteed Issue Policy. We won’t be asking any detailed questions or seeking a medical exam when you apply for the policy. It’s actually a guaranteed issue policy. So coverage will be approved with the stipulation of a 2 year waiting period. If your CHF treatments are unsuccessful and you pass within the 2 year period, then the beneficiary will receive the sum of the premiums paid plus any interest earned,.

Because Choice Senior Life is an expert in the field of funeral insurance, we can provide you with a reasonably priced alternative to some of the Television Branded Life Insurance companies.

For more information about CHF

Can I Get Funeral Insurance If I Have COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. The elephant in the room. Most of us seem to know someone who has a chronic cough and wheeze. This may be a symptom of COPD.

There are actually several companies that will make an affordable funeral insurance offer if you have COPD. The caveat is that you do not smoke. 

More importantly it depends on your overall heath condition at the time of your application. If you are not on bottled oxygen, then probably a 1st day coverage is available. 

Have Choice Senior Life process the funeral insurance quotes to get the best offer. 

For more information about COPD

Can I Get Funeral Insurance If I Have Cirrhosis

The liver is one of our more amazing human organs. It’s main function ( one of many ) is to process the nutrients and vitamins that we need to live. If your prognosis is Cirrhosis, then you have a lot to worry about.

Because treatments available and early detection can help, damage to the liver may be mitigated by treating the underlying cause.

  • Lifestyle
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Weight Loss
  • Medications to control further damage caused by Hepatitis

Your funeral insurance quotes will be based on your stage of Cirrhosis. After a few questions to determine your eligibility, we may be able to have you classified  for day 1 coverage with no waiting period. Treatment for Cirrhosis does not preclude you from an affordable funeral policy with day 1 coverage. Above all, treatment in this case is actually a good thing. With our expertise in this industry, we will be able to recommend the right funeral insurance company.

For more information about the treatment of Cirrhosis

Can I Get Funeral Insurance If I Have Diabetes

The  quick answer is yes, you can get a funeral insurance policy if you have diabetes. Diabetics are often told they are not insurable. We can get a preferred policy for most diabetics even if they use insulin.

Because diabetes causes more deaths per year than breast cancer and AIDS combined, funeral insurance companies look at this disease with caution. Diabetes also doubles your chance of having a heart attack, so it is likely that this disease will cause life insurance companies to grade your condition according to several factors.

There are 3 types of Diabetes:

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2
  3. Gestational

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

  • The need to use the bathroom much more frequently
  • Having the feeling of being hungry or thirst more than normal
  • Feeling very tired
  • Vision seems blurry or unfocused
  • Scrapes, cuts and bruises heal more slowly than before
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fingers or toes are tingling or numb.

We’ll ask some questions to get you qualified.

  • What age were you first diagnosed with your diabetes?
  • If you use insulin , when did you start using insulin?
  • How many units of insulin do you use daily?
  • Have you had any complications like shock, coma,or amputation?

It makes sense that seniors with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, are concerned about their ability to set up their final affairs with dignity and affordability.

If there is any good news, it is that managing your diabetes can reduce your risk for diabetes complications.

According to Diabetes Care, people with diabetes spend an average of $7,900 each year on health care costs that are directly attributed to diabetes. That  is $7,900 more each year than the average American spends on health care. We understand the costs and economics of your diabetes. We will work to find the most affordable final expense policy that fits your needs and your budget.

Next Steps

Choice Senior Life represents several funeral insurance companies that care deeply about the Diabetic Population and are ready to offer an affordable final expense whole life policy.

Email or call  Choice Senior Life today to get your funeral insurance quotes today.

To learn more about Diabetes

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