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3 Reasons Why Seniors Need Funeral Insurance Plans

There are typically 3 major reasons why seniors need funeral insurance plans. First of all, they have not dedicated a specific amount of money for the funeral expenses.

dedicated money for funeral insurance

No Dedicated Amount

No money set aside that is dedicated to their funeral insurance plans.

Already Have a Policy

The policy is in force but is very expensive and the senior wants to check prices.

Leave A Legacy

Many people don’t have a dedicated amount of money set aside for their funeral Insurance planS.

They are also worried about leaving large funeral bills behind for their family and loved ones to pay. If you are like most people who are looking for burial insurance most haven’t been able to save enough for the funeral costs. Funerals today can average between $8,000 and $15,000.

They already have a life insurance policy in place

Seniors may be concerned with the high price of the policy and want to shop for a better price. Most of all they would like to upgrade the final expense policy to a larger amount of coverage and also pay a lower premium at the same time!

They would like to leave a legacy behind.

Money for their grandchildren or a charity or church. This life insurance funeral plan money could be used by their beneficiaries to pay for college tuition or provide a fresh start.

Don’t wait another minute to protect your family! Contact us today for your free no obligation quote on funeral  insurance plans.

  • No money dedicated and set aside for the funeral expenses.
  • Does not want to leave large funeral bills behind and put his family in a difficult financial situation.
  • Term policy is expiring and wants to have some protection.
Many people don’t think about having a dedicate amount of money set aside just for the funeral and burial expenses. It is important to consider this option. An amount that is dedicated is easily identifiable and lets your family know of your wishes and desires for your funeral arrangements. The larger unexpired term policy can handle the future obligations that life insurance is designed to protect. 

Mutual of Omaha Funeral Insurance Plan

About Mutual Of Omaha’s Funeral Insurance Plans

Founded: 1909

AM Best Rating: A + Superior

Available in  49 States ( except New York )

Website :


Whole Life
Whole life insurance provides permanent protection, premiums that won’t change as the policy owner grows older and cash value that builds over time.

Living Promise Whole Life Insurance offers simplified underwriting and level and graded benefit plans for seniors to help cover final and other expenses.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider (Living Promise only)
This rider is available on the level death benefit plan only. It is available for all ages, but can only be added at issue. With this rider, an additional death benefit equal to the policy face amount will be paid if the insured dies from
a covered accident.

Issue Ages

Level Benefit Plan:


Graded Benefit Plan:


Face Amounts

Level Benefit Plan:

$2,000 – $40,000

Graded Benefit Plan:

$2,000 – $20,000

60 Year Old Male $10,000 Funeral Policy

Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance$10,000Living Promise
Level Benefits
United Home Life Insurance$10,000Express Issue
Level Benefits
AIG Burial Insurance$10,000Guaranteed Issue$63.17
This is not an offer of life insurance. Prices may vary by State and health conditions of the proposed insured.
Final rates are based on eligibility. To receive a formal offer you must apply and submit an application through Choice Senior Life.
Let us help you set aside a dedicated amount of money for your funeral insurance plans. Please take a minute to complete the quoter information today. It is your choice for their future. There is no time like today to take action!
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Affordable Funeral Insurance Plans for Seniors

Choice Senior Life specializes in helping people who are on fixed incomes and also people with medical conditions. We help seniors find affordable final expense insurance solutions to their final expense life insurance needs.

There are hundreds of life insurance companies across the United States that offer Funeral Insurance Plans (also known as burial insurance). Each one of these companies look at your special situation a little differently. Some insurance companies care if you had a heart attack some don’t. Some life insurance companies care greatly if you smoke. Activities of daily living also play a part when insurance companies view a seniors profile. Choice Senior Life guides them when assessing your ability to qualify for a final expense life insurance policy.

Most of the life insurance final expense policies we provide quotes for require no medical exam ! We even have programs that guarantee coverage.

We have the unique ability to represent the top companies in the industry. As a result we are able to present the best final expense life insurance company to you. We help you select the program that suits your needs and your budget.