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Can I get Funeral Insurance If I can’t Take care Of My ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING

The answer is you can get funeral insurance even if you can’t take care of yourself and one or more of your activities of daily living. Guaranteed! 


The activities of daily living include feeding yourself, dressing yourself, bathing yourself, and walking without help.

In addition you should be able to take medications by yourself and above all be able to go to the restroom without someone’s help.

A common fear among seniors is becoming a burden to others, especially family and loved ones. Consequently,  any change in the ADL’s may be a signal that it is time to certainly start a conversation.The best thing to do is to discuss it with the experts at Choice Senior Life.

There are several providers that will issue a funeral insurance policy even if you have trouble with some of your activities of daily living.

We have been able to help many seniors find affordable life insurance.

They found that it is possible to get immediate coverage even if they had trouble with their daily living needs. 

The Activities Of Daily Living

Feeding Yourself

Able to feed yourself but don't have to make the meal.

Dressing Yourself

Physically being able to get dressed and get undressed.

Bathing Yourself

Taking a bath or a shower. Brushing your teeth.

Taking Medications

Taking the right pills and dosage at the right time.


Moving around unassisted. Standing up or sitting down

Unassisted Bathroom

Able to get on and off the toilet and also clean oneself.

It’s normal for seniors to require a little bit of help as they age. Many senior have friends or family member’s prepare meals for them or help them prepare a meal. Meals On Wheels is a great example of such a meal preparation service. It is totally acceptable to have help. 

What is important in assessing this activity is that the senior can move the food from the plate or dish to the mouth and eat it with out any help.

When assessing this activity of daily living, it is OK to have help preparing meals but you must be able to eat with out assistance.

You should not need help getting in and out of the bathtub or shower. There are several walk in showers and bathtubs on the market today designed just to help seniors complete the function of this ADL.

It is OK to have some help bathing. Even most people have trouble reaching the back and this is no different for seniors.

Example: If you have had an procedure on your foot and it is difficult to reach, then it is alright to have assistance.

You would be classified as dependent if you needed some one to fully bath you.

This by itself will not keep you from qualifying for an level affordable funeral insurance policy.

Taking your medications on time and appropriately is so important. However, this is not one of the assessments that insurers will use to classify your funeral insurance application.

Taking your medications is one of the IADL’s.

IADL’s are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

The IADL’s go into the lifestyle of the senior and in someways are just as important because they indicate the seniors ability to live a safe and secure life.

Other IADL’s include:

  • Shopping
  • Communication by phone or computer
  • Preparing meals

If you are in doubt as to your capacity of the activities of daily living, call Choice Senior Life and discuss your options with an expert adviser.

You can have some mechanical assistance standing or sitting down. So walkers, canes, lifts and handrails are perfectly fine.

Insurers will look at wheel chair use very closely and will inquire about the length of time in the wheel chair and the reason for its use. 

If your wheel chair use is one of convenience you may qualify for a affordable level funeral insurance policy. It might be that at the grocery store you prefer to use a scooter basket as you shop. The real requirement is that you are not confined to a wheel chair for your mobility.

It is possible that your wheel chair confinement is due to a disability. It is best to talk with an expert at Choice Senior Life to explore the situation a little more closely.

We’ll ask about other activities of daily living to determine you need of daily assistance.

From there we will be able to make a recommendation and let you make a decision that you are comfortable with.

Getting out of bed some mornings is tough enough. But now we have to get dressed. 

Nothing to flashy or coordinated is required, however fishing out something from the closet and wearing it appropriately is. If it’s cold outside make sure you are wearing a coat !

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The reason we use ADL’s to help family’s asses a seniors situation is for peace of mind and  the security of our loved one. Doesn’t it make sense that being dressed properly in warm weather or cold weather is serious business.

When assessing this activity of daily living, it is OK to have some one help you choose your outfits, but you must be able to dress  yourself and fasten clothing items with out assistance.

By the way, Velcro is one of the world greatest inventions ! 

It was only a few years ago that Depends undergarments were laughed at. Diapers for old people. The market has changed so dramatically. Now, there is a great variety of disposable under garments that are virtually undetectable.

These products do not excuse us from the activity of daily toileting. You should be able to use the bathroom by yourself. Raise and lower yourself from the toilet. More importantly , clean your self appropriately. 

When assessing this activity of daily living you should have control over your bladder and bowel.

If you would like to take the health assessment and get a much better idea of how your health affects your funeral  insurance rates CLICK HERE

We have been able to help seniors secure funeral insurance even if they have some trouble with their activities of daily living. Call us or complete the funeral insurance quote form to find out how we can be of help.
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