why is life insurance so important

Why is life insurance so important?

Life insurance is all about providing for the family and loved ones you care about most. That’s why life insurance is so important.  It will pay them a tax free lump sum of money that you choose and helps protect them from financial problems upon your death.

The money can help your loved ones pay monthly living expenses, help them stay in the house and pay off any debts, including final and funeral expenses. It can also help send a child to college one day, start a business or leave a legacy behind for the grand kids.

Life insurance may be right for you if…

You want to provide for your loved ones after you are gone.

Your family means everything to you and you want to help make sure they’re taken care of after you’ve passed away.

Maybe You want your family to stay in their home.

You want to help make sure the mortgage is paid after you die so your family doesn’t have to leave the home and the memories that you all have built together.

How about that you want to make sure your kids go to college.

If something happens to you, you want to help your kids get a great education…just the way you planned all along.

And of course , you don’t want to leave your family in debt.

You know there are going to be bills to pay after you’re gone. And you don’t want your loved ones to have to pay for your funeral and burial.


Funeral and final expenses can add up quickly. It’s estimated that a funeral cost in 2020 will exceed $15,000. There is always the choice of cremation. Cremation can certainly bring the costs down for a funeral. It really depends on what you and your family decide together. It’s important to have that conversation. Many seniors especially do not want anyone burdened with their final expenses. It’s a matter of duty and obligation.

We would be happy to send you some guide books and planning materials. Just give us a call or email.

Ultimately , it’s your choice.