Which Life Insurance is Best For Seniors : Mutual of Omaha Review

Which Life Insurance is Best For Seniors : Mutual of Omaha Review

Mutual of Omaha is considered by Choice Senior Life to be one of the best funeral insurance providers in the country.

They have been in business for over a century and remain one of the most affordable companies for life insurance funeral plans.

Mutual of Omaha is a leading provider of financial and life insurance products since 1909.

Mutual of Omaha boasts a strong financial reputation and above average customer ratings.

Their plans provide a variety of coverage’s and a few optional riders.

The enrollment process is very simple, and their policies are affordably priced.

United of Omaha Life offers whole life insurance.

Their plans feature guaranteed level premiums and accelerated death benefits, depending on the product selected. For seniors looking for the best insurance funeral plans, Choice Senior Life recommends the Mutual of Omaha “Living Promise” Whole Life Plan.

A Living Promise Whole Life Insurance policy from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company pays benefits directly to the person you choose.

It can help take care of your final expenses, outstanding medical bills or debt that you may leave behind.

Did you know that funeral expenses today can cost over $10,000?

The cost of a funeral may surprise you, but if you plan ahead, Living Promise will help reduce the burden of these costs on your family and help them focus on what is most important during a very difficult and emotional time.