Funeral Cost Calculator 2019

Funeral Cost Calculator 2019

How much does a funeral cost in 2019? We believe that you should be well informed and educated as to pricing before making this very important decision. To help make funeral planning easier for our Choice Senior Life Insurance clients we have provided a 2019 funeral cost calculator with a wide range of selections, options, and prices.

Most funeral homes will offer package pricing that will include funeral, mortuary and cemetery charges. There are funeral packages available for traditional style burials as well as simple cremations.

The Choice Senior Life Funeral Cost Calculator is free to use and shows instant results as you check off the items that are of interest to you. Some of the selections are multiples, so you can decide how much you wish to allocate to that item.

Funeral Cost Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Costs

How Much Is A Basic Funeral?

The average funeral cost in the US is between $7,000 and $9,000. But who is to say what is average? The cost for identical services can vary by as much as 50% based on the State and City where you live. The final cost of a funeral will depend on the location, type of service, transportation requirements, type of coffin or urn, funeral home fees, and any additional items like flowers and catering.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost With Cremation?

According to a price survey conducted by Choice Senior Life with funeral homes across the country, basic cremation package prices begin at $1,950. When you add in the cost of a funeral service, then costs can reach $6,500. Prices can vary according to the State and City that you live in as well as additional items like flowers and catering.

Funeral costs continue to rise ahead of inflation and it is no wonder people are asking about how much a funeral can cost with just cremation.

What Happens When You Can’t Afford A Funeral?

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