What We Do. How We Help

We’re a free, full service, state-appointed Life Insurance Agency that specializes in helping you protect your family with affordable Final Expense Coverage. 

To help you protect your family, we set up access to a huge database of the top final expense insurance companies. Trusted ones you know like AIG, Royal Neighbors, and Mutual of Omaha. 

All of our companies have the most competitive prices, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the right policy at the lowest price. 

We want to make sure you get the coverage that best suits your needs, not ours, so you will never experience any high-pressure sales tactics.

About Choice Senior Life

Every person we meet and talk with is an opportunity to build a new relationship.

We want to be there for you when you need us most.

We want to help guide you while you are deciding how best to protect your family.

We would like to help you protect the things in your life that are priceless. Family. Children. Legacies.

Relationships are the foundation of our work.

Whether you’re a spouse, parent, grandparent, son or daughter, Choice Senior Life is your partner for helping to protect what matters most.

We understand that every person is different. Our approach has to be different as well. 

Our Teams

Choice Senior Life is changing the way people select final expense insurance. That’s why we work with a diverse group of companies and partners from within the insurance industry.

While the experience and history of our partners are important, it isn’t as important when choosing the people who work with our clients. What’s important to us are the things that can’t be taught.  Integrity, authenticity, and empathy. It’s what we bring to our office every day. We hope you notice the difference.