Funeral Insurance with Alzheimer's

Funeral Insurance With Alzheimer’s

Funeral Insurance with Alzheimer’s The greatest risk of Alzheimer’s is aging, however it is not a normal part of aging. Because it is a progressive disease, funeral insurance with Alzheimer’s plans are limited to Guaranteed Issue. As a result of the Alzheimer’s diagnosis,  a guaranteed issue policy is going to be offered.  It may just…

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funeral insurance for alcoholics

Funeral Insurance For Alcoholics

Funeral Insurance for Alcoholics We are discussing a sensitive subject today. Seniors suffering from Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependence have difficulty finding and qualifying for  reasonably priced funeral insurance for alcoholics. Life insurance companies take alcohol abuse and alcoholism very seriously for many reasons. But, funeral insurance for alcoholics is still available from some of the…

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Funeral Insurance with Lou Gehrig's Disease

Funeral Insurance with Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Funeral Insurance with Lou Gehrig’s Disease Getting approved for funeral insurance with Lou Gehrig’s disease seem  like an impossibility. But it is possible to acquire funeral insurance with Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is such a difficult disease to diagnose and subsequently treat, because there is not a specific test for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because the…

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activities of daily living

Activities Of Daily Living – Funeral Insurance

Can I get Funeral Insurance If I can’t Take care Of My ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING The answer is you can get funeral insurance even if you can’t take care of yourself and one or more of your activities of daily living. Guaranteed!  What Are ADL’s AND WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT The activities of daily…

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Funeral Insurance Plans

3 Reasons Why Seniors Need Funeral Insurance Plans

3 Reasons Why Seniors Need Funeral Insurance Plans There are typically 3 major reasons why seniors need funeral insurance plans. First of all, they have not dedicated a specific amount of money for the funeral expenses. No Dedicated Amount No money set aside that is dedicated to their funeral insurance plans. Already Have a Policy…

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Choice Will Help You Understand The Benefits Of Funeral Insurance

We know you can discover the benefits of funeral insurance from any agency and website out there. There are lots to choose from that’s for sure. So why Choice Senior Life? 

First and Foremost is Service

Service is a forgotten art. But we firmly believe and are passionate about service to our clients and to our community. We promise to guide you through the process with respect, dignity and privacy. We will answer your phone calls and emails and get back quickly if you have any questions or concerns. We will work towards our promise of providing you with the best company with the best rate that fits your situation.  

We are Experts In Funeral Insurance Risk Management

We have encountered almost every health situation and know where to place you. If you have a health issue, we have a solution. Even if you’ve been declined for insurance before, let us work to get you an approval. We would like to earn your business the old fashioned way. Experience. Expertise. Service.

No Sales Pressure

You won’t hear any canned presentations about the benefits of funeral insurance. No hardball pitches. Our process is to inform you of the options that you have and then let you make the decision that makes you comfortable. We really just explain the benefits of funeral insurance and give you real time advice.

We Are Not Going Anywhere

If you have updates to the beneficiary or changes of address, we can help with that too. You are the reason for our work, not an interruption of it. We’ll be there when you need our help.


All the information you share with us is private and confidential. We will never share or sell your information.’