Best Funeral Insurance Companies

Seniors who are searching for the best funeral insurance companies need guidance from experts in funeral insurance. That is why that’s all we do at Choice Senior Life. We specialize in funeral and final expense insurance for seniors. Choice Senior Life expertly helps seniors that have medical issues and serious medical problems secure burial insurance. We work diligently with seniors on fixed incomes to find affordable coverages from top carriers.

How To Choose The Best Funeral Insurance Company

With so many choices out there we were quite impressed by several carriers. The carriers each have special niches and each represents one of the top funeral insurance companies in the industry.

Each company looks at each person differently. Some carriers have more stringent underwriting for heart conditions than others. Some of the carriers pay close attention to the height and weight of the applicant, while other carriers have no build charts at all. It is our business to help you sort through the choices and then help you make the best decision for you and your family’s security.

You can easily tell when a carrier is not specializing in your medical condition. The carrier either flat out declines your application or prices your policy offering at a cost that is not competitive with the other carriers.

Quick Guide To The Best Funeral Insurance Companies


Foresters Financial

Gerber Life

Liberty Bankers Life

Mutual Of Omaha

Royal Neighbors Of America


United Home Life

What’s The Difference Between Funeral Insurance and Final Expense Insurance

Let’s throw “Burial Insurance” into the conversation as well. What’re the differences between burial insurance, funeral insurance, and final expense insurance?

All 3 types of policies are life insurance policies. But why use different terms for life insurance?

For the most part, these 3 policy terms are interchangeable. Burial insurance, funeral insurance, final expense insurance are all life insurance policies. The differences come in the perception of value and how each is used or thought of by the insured.

What's the difference between funeral insurance, burial insurance and final expense insurance

Burial Insurance

Burial insurance, for instance, may reflect the client’s preference to cover the cost of a basic burial. This is admirable in itself. Not wanting the family or loved ones that are left behind to have to pay for your burial. It may be that the “burial” is a simple cremation. Costs of cremations and burials range between $3,000 and $7,000. Basically, burial life insurance is a whole life policy that can be purchased in the amount of $3,000 up to $25,000.

The benefits of a burial insurance policy are the standard benefits, paying a death benefit to the beneficiary upon the passing of the insured.

Burial Insurance Benefits

No medical exams.

Short application with yes and no questions.

Guaranteed death benefits and cash values.

Affordable premiums that never increase.

Coverage that can not be canceled.

Riders and benefits that meet your needs.

Funeral Insurance

Planning ahead for the cost of a funeral is a good idea. Many people fail to realize that the cost of a funeral can run into several thousand dollars. In addition to the basic burial costs, adding in things like travel arrangements, memorial services, flowers, catering, limousines, can all add up quickly. From a simple burial of $5000, the family is now facing a funeral bill upwards of $15,000.

If you have had the chance to preplan your funeral. Good for you! If the costs of the funeral come in under $15,000 ( as an example ) then the family is free to use the money in a way that they may need it the most.

Final Expense Plans

Final expenses may end up being a crushing problem for your family and compound the issues that they are already facing. Like funeral and burial insurance plans, anyone can benefit from a final expense insurance plan.

Final Expense Insurance is really the phrase for a life insurance policy that pays the “final expenses” of the deceased. Families of empty nest seniors, aren’t dependent anymore on you for your income. It’s different when you were paying a mortgage, raising your family and sending your children to school.

After your passing, all that your family may need is to pay for the burial and funeral as well as any outstanding debts that should be settled. A stand-alone dedicated policy makes sense to cover your final expenses.

The Top 8 Best Funeral Insurance Companies

AIG - one of the best funeral insurance companies rated by Choice Senior Life

AIG – Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

An affordable life insurance option made simple – no medical exam, no health questions. Acceptance is guaranteed between the ages of 50 – 85. The tax-free benefits can help with final expenses.

Available for

Individuals ages 50 – 85 looking for guaranteed acceptance permanent protection with a budget-friendly fixed premium payment.

With this policy, the payor can be someone other than the insured so it’s a great fit for children whose parents cannot afford a life insurance premium.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life$5,000 to $25,00050- 85NoYes
Foresters Financial is on our list of the best funeral insurance companies.

Foresters Financial

The PlanRight life insurance product is very popular among seniors. It has guaranteed level premiums and is a permanent policy. This product, if you qualify, is available ages 50 to 85. Qualification is based on answers to health questions, yet underwriting is considered liberal. Smoker rates only apply to cigarettes. Vaping, cigars, and marijuana are all rated as a nonsmoker.

Available For

Seniors between the ages of 50 to 85. Foresters is a reasonably priced consideration when it comes to chronic pain and pain medications. PlanRight is a very good choice for insulin-dependent diabetics.

This PlanRight product has an accidental death benefit rider that is available up to age 85. It also includes a common carrier accidental death provision at no extra charge that is worth 2 times the face value of the policy. With an entry point of only $2,000, this is a good add on policy or even a cremation policy.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
PlanRight Whole Life$2,000 to $35,00050- 85NoYes
Gerber Life Insurance one of the best funeral insurance companies rated by Choice Senior life

Gerber Life Insurance

For seniors with serious health problems, Gerber Life Insurance offers an A-plus guaranteed issue policy. There are no health questions asked and no medical exams to take. The plan is guaranteed acceptance for ages 50 to 80. Gerber’s guaranteed issue is not for everyone but maybe one of a few affordable alternatives.

Available For

This guaranteed issue policy is available for seniors between the ages of 50 and 80. It has a 2 year graded benefit. If the insured passes from health issues or other natural causes during the first 2 years of the policy then the beneficiary receives all the premiums paid plus interest. Like other graded guaranteed issue coverages, if the insured dies from an accident then the full payment is paid out.

Gerber Life Insurance Company has been in business since 1967. (The parent company, Gerber Products Nestle, since 1927) and is one of the few companies that allow adult children to purchase life insurance on a parent or grandparent.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
Gerber Guaranteed Issue
Whole Life
$5,000 to $25,00050- 80NoNo
Liberty Bankers Life

Liberty Bankers Life

The company is really been know for its annuity products. A very strong financial rating, the company branched out into the life insurance market over the past several years. Now with over 100,000 policies in force, they have now started offering supplemental health insurance as well as medicare policies. So they are a powerhouse in the industry. However, Choice Senior Life is focused solely on their life insurance coverage for seniors.

Available For

The SIMPL policy is available for ages 18 to 80 and for coverage amounts up to $30,000. This age range really is different than most senior life companies. Traditionally this type of whole life policy is only available starting at the age of 50. You can tell that Liberty Bankers Life is breaking with tradition and looking at this young market potential.

We do believe that young people should divest and have a whole life policy that will carry them for a lifetime, while still taking advantage of term policies for the immediate benefit of larger face amounts.

The Liberty Bankers Life underwriting department looks favorably upon diabetics and people with COPD. It is usual to have our clients to receive day 1 level coverage for COPD. LBL also is a good choice for insulin-dependent diabetics as long as the diabetes is controlled.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
Whole Life
$3,000 to $30,00018- 80NoYes
Mutual of Omaha

Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers a whole life burial insurance policy to seniors with no medical exam required. Because no medical exam is required, applications can be taken and issued almost immediately. The way this works is that an independent agent ( Choice Senior Life ) will ask you a series of health questions and then make recommendations based on your answers.

The company also offers a guaranteed issue policy that is sold directly through Mutual of Omaha. However, because we are independent agents, we work toward placing you with a day one level carrier. This saves you money and time.

Available For

The whole life policy from Mutual of Omaha is available to seniors ages 45 to 85. The amount of coverage is between $2,000 and $40,000. Making this company one of the best choices for larger coverages or add on policies.

Like many burial and funeral insurance policies, an accelerated death benefit rider is standard.

Mutual of Omaha offers an accidental death benefit rider that can double the face amount of the policy in the event of accidental death. We advise our clients to strongly consider this valuable low-cost option.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
Mutual Of Omaha Living Promise
Whole Life
$2,000 to $40,00045-85NoYes
Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors can be a great choice for seniors who like the idea of belonging to a membership organization that is active in communities. One of the largest women-led life insurers, they have been protecting women financially since 1895.

Available For

Royal Neighbors is among the best funeral insurance companies in America. This carrier offerers various whole life products to help with final expenses and burial costs for applicants ages 50-85. The burial policy offers guaranteed level premiums and coverage cannot be canceled due to health or age. Face amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000.

The Accelerated Benefit Rider is available on SIWL Simplified Issue Whole Life, allowing up to 75% of the face amount to be paid to the insured if he or she is diagnosed with a terminal condition. The benefit is also available if the insured is confined to a nursing home and that confinement is expected to be permanent.

Royal Neighbors gives a great discount Membership Savings Program to its policyholders. for FREE!

Using the Royal Neighbors Member Savings Card, the members have access to free and discounted services designed to help them save money on legal services, vision, and dental services, prescriptions and more.

They have fairly liberal underwriting. Conditions like AFIB, diabetes, and multiple cancers can be issued level day one with no waiting period. The fact that the RNA has no build chart for height and weight is a huge plus.

We also can appreciate that the application is done with a voice signature process over the phone and approved certificates can be issued the next business day.

Type of PolicyCoverage RangeAge RangeExam RequiredRiders Available
Royal Neighbors Simplified Issue
Whole Life SIWL
$5,000 to $25,00050-85NoYes